About this Blog.  For over thirty years, Matt Miklave has represented the interests of individuals and businesses as they navigate the complexity of the American workplace and the laws which regulate managers, supervisors, and workers.  Matt believes that “workplace law” may be the most important set of laws in America.  The law of the workplace touches virtually everyone – almost everyone has had a job, currently has a job, or wants to have a job, and the law regulates almost every aspect of that legal relationship.  And the laws governing the workplace change and evolve with an alarming pace.  Keeping up with these changes can be a full-time occupation.  Matt has made it his full-time occupation.

“Diving Deeper Into Work” seeks to pull back the curtains and provide readers with insight about the ever-changing landscape governing employment, civil rights, labor relations and human resources.  Many fine blogs already give readers “breaking news” and this blog will frequently include citations to those excellent sources.  (Always give credit where credit is due!)  But more importantly, this blog will seek to provide readers with a better understanding of the forces driving change in the law so that we can anticipate future change and effectively plan.  This blog will offer predictions and opinions from time-to-time.  History will judge whether accurately or not.

Matt invites you to submit your questions and any comments on ways to improve Diving Deeper Into Work and will respond either in the blog itself or privately via mail.

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